And....we're off....(almost)....!

Tom in India.jpeg

It has felt a long time coming but tomorrow our project ‘Kolar’s Gold’ will finally launch. You may have seen our posts in the past few months and wondered why we chose to wait until now to ‘officially’ begin the project?

We decided early on that it was important that we had a good understanding of the Kolar Gold Fields and its history before we began working on the creative elements of this project. We are in no way experts on the Kolar Gold Fields, but the past few months have been a labour of love as we have trawled through all the resources and information we could lay our hands on to build a better understanding of the place and its people. There is still much for us to learn and whilst the creative side will take center stage from this point, the research is ongoing and we look forward to what we will learn in the coming months.

It was also important to have all the logistical elements in place, recording across continents is no mean feat, so we needed to get musicians and recording facilities organised before we began work on the actual music.

We should probably admit though that we couldn’t quite resist starting to think about the music for this project, we are musicians after all ;-) There have been little clips of tunes and songs floating around our WhatsApp group for a while now as ideas started to flow. We will meet in a couple of weeks to begin working together on the music and are very excited to see what develops!

As I write, Tom is in India with his wife Jillian. During their trip they are visiting KGF, and Tom is meeting some of the Indian musicians we will be working with on the project. He is thoroughly enjoying his time there, despite initially over indulging in delicious curry!

We’ve said it before, and we will undoubtedly say it again, but this project would not have reached this point, or been possible at all, without all the help and support we have received from people in India, Cornwall and throughout the world. There are too many people to name individually here, but you know who you are, so -THANK YOU!!!

We hope you enjoy the new project folder on the website which will be available from tomorrow, 1st February. We appreciate there’s a lot of information to take in at once, but hopefully it’s easy enough to dip in and out of, or just make a cuppa, line up a few biscuits and immerse yourself in all things KGF :-)

We will keep you posted as the project progresses, we can’t thank you enough for all the support we have received, here’s to an exciting year!