On this page you’ll find a list of all the Cornish miners we know to have lived at KGF, a letter sent back to Cornwall in 1935 by Roy Tamblyn, a list of all the music we know to have been performed, and a suggested reading list if you’d like more information.

We were unsure whether to put this letter in ‘Stories’ or ‘Resources’, but it is undoubtedly a precious resource for anyone wishing to hear a first hand account of the Cornish experience at KGF and so here it is. Arthur Roy Tamblyn writes beautifully of his first experience of India, first impressions of Kolar Gold Fields, and his daily routine. Roy Tamblyn’s daughter Pauline has generously provided this letter to be shared, and we’re sure everyone who reads it will be very grateful to her for that! The letter dates from September 1935 when Roy was 27. After 3 years Roy Tamblyn came back to Cornwall for 6 weeks leave, during which time he married and returned to India with his new bride. The couple’s 2 children were born at the Kolar Gold Fields and the family returned to Cornwall for good shortly before Indian independence in 1947.

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